Offering :

  • Interior Design & Organization Services
  • One of a Kind Furniture Pieces
  • Home Accessories and Original Art
  • Bar Carts, Mini-Bars, Wine Related Home Decor
  • Custom Work
Recent Works:

 I recently expanded my business to include Interior Design and Organizing Services. Through home visits and email photos, I have been helping people change entire rooms to satisfy their room design needs and make furniture & accessories layout flow more sensibly. Their initial desire to transform one piece of furniture to fit their style resulted in a more aesthetically pleasing room with more fuction on a daily basis.  As an Artist I am able to create custom pieces that suites one's needs- whether through my furniture recreations, artistic wall hangings, or framing current pieces in a more desirable way.  I tend to use furniture a client already owns, or find a solid resale piece to customize- keeping the expense low.  The end result is always a unique, one of a kind piece in a room that reflects who they are as a person; and adds to their essence of "home". While working on organizing and decorating, I often end up doing the work of a "Handyman", because I notice details a Homeowner often overlooks, and am capable of doing a variety of tasks related to home improvement and maintenance.  My services cover an array of projects done simultaneously at an affordable price which gives the client instant gratification upon completion.

I have owned 14 houses and rented a few places in my life. I had  remodeled and decorated each one. When going from 5000 square feet to eventually 500 square feet, organization and choosing necessary furniture pieces was key! I have been doing this for myself, and as a favor for many friends and acquaintances for over 20 years!  I found that I can easily delve into a person's habits and needs in their home to create a well organized, comfortable, efficient home that helps them in their busy daily lives. The immense compliments I have received from past clients, and the joy this brings me, makes me confident that this is what I should be doing as a career.

On a personal note... If I had to describe myself in ONE word, it would be "adaptable". I have lived all over the country and had to adapt to the environment, the people, the traditional landscape and architectural style of each state. I had to adapt to large houses and small apartments. I have traveled a bit, and appreciate the lifestyles of different cultures. I can dress up for a black tie event and schmooze with the best of them; or go to a dive bar and attempt to play pool. I come from humble beginnings with 7 siblings and wonderful, selfless parents. I had the good fortune of some priveleges in my Adult Life. I want to share my knowledge about home interiors (gained through the many houses I've lived in), my knack for organizing, and my creative/artistic side to help people live calmly in an environment they would be proud to call their "home".  I also want to make luxury & style affordable for the average person. My clients immediately consider me their "friend", so I know I'm on the right path here.

I also have a passion for WINE!  So when I am not busy creating individual beautiful spaces for people, I will be creating some wine related home furnishings. I will continue making one of a kind serving trays, wine box tables and shelving, mini bars, bar/tea carts, and whimsical artwork on wine crate panels.  I use reclaimed wood and antique hardware to satisfy my passion for mixing "old things with new";  and also attempt to be as Environmentally Friendly as possible.

What I can do for You,

       based on my Experiences :

Martini Inspired

Bar Cart

Hand Constructed from old table; Old School collage with resin coating


Small Tray

Reclaimed wood, cast iron handles, antique brass tacks


XL Wine Crate Tray

Reclaimed wood, Cast Iron handles, antique tacks


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